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The success story of diesel at Mercedes-Benz continues

High-tech steel pistons for added efficiency

Stuttgart – Innovative engineering from Mercedes-Benz once again provides trendsetting impetus in passenger car diesel technology. The world’s pioneer in diesel technology from Stuttgart is the first to replace the hitherto conventional aluminium pistons in passenger car diesel engines with a new high-tech generation of pistons made of steel. The advantages they bring, when combined with the innovative NANOSLIDE® cylinder bore coating technology, include even lower fuel consumption and even lower CO2 emissions.

Aluminium piston (left) the new steel piston (right)

Aluminium piston (left) the new steel piston (right)

In 1936 Mercedes-Benz became the first company in the world to launch a diesel passenger car, thus taking on its role as a diesel pioneer. Stuttgart’s automotive engineers consistently reinforced this leadership position over the decades that followed through the introduction of numerous technical innovations that have contributed significantly to making the passenger car diesel engine what it is today: powerful and yet economical – in short, efficient.

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