Mercedes-Benz M-Class Guard

Special-protection variant Mercedes-Benz M-Class Guard

The new special-protection variant of the M-Class is the latest addition to the extensive Mercedes-Benz Guard family. As with all Guard models, the armoured version of this popular SUV follows the brand-typical integrated special protection design principle. All the additional protection systems are taken fully into account right from the development phase of each model series and perfectly integrated into the vehicle’s architecture. This enables all the advantages of the standard series-production vehicle to be retained, such as for instance the luxurious yet functional vehicle interior, the high level of active and passive safety, the exceptional ride comfort and the agile driving dynamics.

As with all special-protection vehicles with the three-pointed star, in the new M-Guard the focus is on a holistic development approach: integrated special protection. This means that the individual protection elements are integrated in the raw vehicle bodyshell from scratch in an autonomous process, by virtue of which the entire passenger compartment receives a kind of coat of armour that even includes elements such as the roof frame struts, locks, door gaps and exterior mirror mounts. This way, a Mercedes-typical comprehensive protection system against ballistic attacks is created, providing protection that includes places where retrofitting would hardly be possible, or would be much less effective.


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