Sending Formula One into Hybrid-Drive!

The technical revolution of 2014 can be expressed in one simple phrase: the engine is no more, long live the Power Unit! This change in terminology reflects the fact that the new powertrain is far more than simply an Internal Combustion Engine. Where the previous V8 format utilised a KERS hybrid system which was effectively ‘bolted on’ to a pre-existing engine configuration, the Mercedes-Benz PU106A Hybrid has been designed from the outset with Hybrid systems integral to its operation. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, 2014 Silver Arrow F1 W05 Hybrid

In recognition of the importance of this new philosophy to both Formula One and Mercedes-Benz, from the 2014 Spanish Grand Prix onwards the team’s F1 W05 racing car will be rechristened as the “F1 W05 Hybrid” and will carry the Hybrid branding featured on series production Mercedes-Benz cars prominently on the engine cover.

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