Safely through the cold season with winter tires

Mercedes-Benz partners offer winter wheel/tire combinations that are specifically configured for the relevant vehicle model – they will also take care of fitting and take the summer wheel/tire combinations into storage on request.

Why winter tires are indispensable during the cold seasonAMG Driving Academy: AMG Winter Sporting BASIC on Lungauring/Austria

Shorter braking distances, better acceleration, better cornering

Winter tires simply do things better in cold, snowy and icy conditions. This is because onlywinter tires have a special, cold-compatible rubber mixture with a high proportion of silicon, which keeps the tire supple even in low temperatures. The softer the rubber mixture, the better it adapts to the road surface. The result: more grip when braking, accelerating and cornering. Summer tires harden in the cold, however, which reduces their grip on the road. Even the very latest driver assistance systems are powerless in this case.Mercedes-Benz B 220 4MATIC, winter tires, (W 246), 2013

The safety advantages of winter tires are particularly impressive when braking

An average car with winter tires needs a braking distance of around 100 feet to come to a stop on a snow-covered road from 30 mph. With summer tires the braking distance increases to 200 ft. This doubling of the braking distance has very serious consequences: in an emergency, the car with summer tires would still impact an obstacle at 14 mph while the car with winter tires would have come to a stop. This is why all-wheel drive vehicles such as SUV must have winter tires as well.Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI 4MATIC, winter tires, (X 156), 2013

When accelerating on snow, winter tires are vastly superior

Whatever the drive system, they provide up to 80 percent more traction. This not only helps brisk acceleration from traffic-lights, but also allows rapid evasive action when escaping from a hazardous situation – for example at the end of a traffic tailback. The improved grip when cornering can prevent the car from leaving the road or skidding into oncoming traffic.Winter training courses and events from Mercedes-Benz Driving Events

The special tread pattern meshes the winter tire into the snow or ice-covered road surface, creating a high shearing effect which improves grip even further. Numerous vanes in the tread blocks increase the effective lateral edge length, and therefore also the grip.



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