Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID (W 212) Fahrveranstaltung Barcelona 2013

New infotainment for the E-Class

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz has further enhanced the E-Class in terms of a number of details. The key new feature of the 2015 generation vehicle is a new internet-enabled telematics generation boasting high-performance multimedia devices and navigation systems and enabling convenient use of the versatile options afforded by modern communications technology.Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W 212) 2015, new infotainment system

With the new telematics generation Mercedes-Benz remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of communications and media technology. Paired with a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone with data option, the modern COMAND Online multimedia system in the E-Class offers internet functionality, enabling the internet to be surfed without restrictions when the vehicle is stationary. While on the move, Mercedes-Benz Apps such as “Mercedes-Benz Radio” and “Service Mercedes-Benz” can be used unlimited.

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