Mercedes-Benz New Year´s Reception, Detroit 2014 (W 205)

New C-Class awarded allergy label

Mercedes-Benz has been awarded the Seal of Quality of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) for its passenger cars. This makes Mercedes-Benz the only vehicle manufacturer to bear this seal. The ECARF Seal of Quality is used by ECARF to designate products that have been scientifically tested and proven to be allergy-friendly. Alongside comprehensive testing for inhaled and contact allergens, Mercedes-Benz has been testing the interior emissions of all its model series for 22 years now. And a team of olfactory experts works to ensure that odours in Mercedes-Benz vehicles remain at a consistently pleasant level.Mercedes-Benz C -Class Allergy Test (W 205), 2014

“We are delighted that the allergy-friendly nature of our Mercedes-Benz passenger cars has now been scientifically and independently recognised through the award of the ECARF Seal,” commented Dr Jörg Breuer, Director Certification, Regulatory Affairs & Environment at Daimler AG. “Indeed, the constant improvement of air quality in the interior has for many years now been a key aspect of the development of components and materials for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

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