Mercedes-Benz’s “Intelligent Drive” philosophy

Stuttgart/San Francisco.  At Mercedes-Benz “Intelligent Drive” stands for the networking of systems, sensors and algorithms for enhanced comfort and safety. The drive system also benefits from the increasing level of intelligence on board vehicles. Following the S-Class PLUG-IN HYBRID, the new C 350 e provides a further example of dynamism and efficiency combined in impressive guise. The anticipatory operating strategy opens up a new dimension in driving. And the autonomously driving research car F 015 Luxury in Motion heralds a revolution in mobility, showing how “Intelligent Drive” might look like in the future.

Mercedes-Benz C 350 e (PLUG IN HYBRID), (W 205) 2015

The key Plug-In Hybrid components of the C 350 e.

Numerous new systems and sensors make Mercedes-Benz vehicles even more comfortable and even safer – and even more efficient and dynamic, too, as the intelligent operating strategy of the new Plug-In Hybrid controls the ideal interaction of combustion engine and electric motor in the background. The strategy not only adapts to the battery’s charge status, but also anticipates the course of the road or the traffic situation. The enhanced vehicle sensing technology featuring multi-stage radar sensors and enhanced cameras is employed for this purpose. Intelligent innovations such as the so-called haptic accelerator pedal additionally help the driver to save fuel in certain driving situations.

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