#mbrt15 Mercedes-Benz Roadtrip 2015 "Guarding the new Mercedes-Benz GLE" (W 166)

#mbrt15 Mercedes-Benz road trip 2015 “Guarding the new Mercedes-Benz GLE”

With the new Mercedes-Benz GLE from Tuscaloosa to the world premiere in New York

Stuttgart/Tuscaloosa.  International opinion leaders and communicators from the social networks are setting off today on the five-day 2015 Mercedes-Benz road trip. Under the banner “Guarding the new Mercedes-Benz GLE” they will accompany the new premium SUV from its US production location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to its world premiere at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), which will take place from 1 to 12 April 2015. This road trip of some 2600 kilometres (1615 miles) in length will provide digital communicators with a first picture of the new GLE ahead of the official presentation. As in the past years, they will be recording their impressions in texts, images and videos. Anyone interested can follow the road trip under hashtag #mbrt15. The collective blog contributions are available at http://www.mb4.me/mbrt15.#mbrt15 Mercedes-Benz Roadtrip 2015 "Guarding the new Mercedes-Benz GLE" (W 166)

This year’s road trip centres on the growing SUV family from Mercedes-Benz. No other premium manufacturer offers such a diverse range from the compact to the luxury class. The international communicators will embark on the trip with the GLE – the new designation for the former M-Class –, and in various models of the G-Class and of the compact GLA. Also on the trip will be the brand-new GLE Coupé, which is establishing a new category of vehicle within the Mercedes-Benz SUV family this year. An apt starting point for the road trip is the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa – the traditional production location for SUVs from Mercedes-Benz and the largest such plant worldwide. Since 2014 the C-Class has also been in production here for the North American market.

For the fourth time, online journalists will be accompanying a new product on its way to its world premiere and reporting live on their impressions and experiences. The first Mercedes-Benz road trip took place in the spring of 2012 to mark the world premiere of the new A-Class, as the result of a joint idea developed by digital opinion leaders and the premium car brand.

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