Mercedes-Benz E 200 NGD (W 212) 2013

E-Class – the efficiency class: New: E 200 Natural Gas Drive

Stuttgart – With the E 200 Natural Gas Drive, Mercedes-Benz is adding a particularly economical and environmentally friendly variant to the E‑Class family featuring bivalent drive. It can run on both petrol and affordable, environmentally friendly natural gas. The benefits of running the car on natural gas include a 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with comparable operation using petrol, and half the costs for fuel.Mercedes-Benz E 200 NGD (W 212) 2013

The advantages of the E 200 Natural Gas Drive mainly come to the fore when it is running on natural gas. It uses 4.3 kg of natural gas per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 116 g per kilometre. The natural gas mode is also kinder to the environment than petrol or diesel engines thanks to its cleaner exhaust gases. If the new E 200 NGD automatically switches seamlessly to running on petrol because the gas tank is empty, its newly-developed, high-tech, four-cylinder engine needs just 6.3 litres of unleaded petrol (NEDC combined) for every 100 kilometres (37.33 mpg/US, 15.87 km/l) driven (CO2 emissions: 147 g per kilometre).

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