45 Years of AMG

45 years of AMG:  growth with performance

As part of the anniversary marking “45 years of AMG,” Mercedes-AMG is providing an exclusive glimpse of the highlights of the A 45 AMG. With the powerful new top-of-the-range A-Class model, the performance brand from Mercedes-Benz is marking the start of a new era. For the first time in the 45-year history of the company, AMG will offer an exciting high-performance vehicle in the compact class. The A 45 AMG is representative of the ambitious future strategy entitled “AMG Performance 50,” leading up to the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. Based on a unique model offensive comprising additional high-performance compact cars as well as a number of AMG cars in higher classes featuring highly efficient drive systems, the company from Affalterbach is giving out clear signals for dynamic growth. And the offensive is all set to get under way this summer with new models including the SLS AMG GT and the GL 63 AMG. 

The AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine specially developed for the A 45 AMG is expected to set new standards in its displacement class: with maximum torque significantly above 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) and low consumption levels, AMG is aiming to take the leading position among the competition. “Our goal is to build the most dynamic, most powerful and at the same time most efficient four-cylinder series production compact car. Together with other future high-performance compact cars, the new A 45 AMG will embody exclusive dynamism and the “AMG Performance 50″ growth strategy. With this passionate commitment to what for us is a new vehicle segment, Mercedes-AMG plans to make a significant contribution to the growth of Mercedes-Benz Cars,” according to Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The new AMG four cylinder petrol engine

Perfect power transmission is ensured in the A 45 AMG thanks to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmission with dual clutch technology and performance-oriented all-wheel drive. The ideal basis for high cornering speeds and exciting, agile handling also comes courtesy of the AMG sports suspension with independently developed front and rear axles, electromechanical AMG speed-sensitive sports steering, AMG high-performance braking system and 3-stage ESP® with “SPORT Handling” mode.

Driving performance for the new generation – world premiere in the first quarter of 2013

4WD of the A 45 AMG

With the new A 45 AMG – the top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz A-Class model – Mercedes-AMG is addressing a new target group: falling within an age range from 30 up to around 45, the target group is younger than the classic AMG customer. Professionally successful and independent, these customers are looking for a compact, dynamic and individual vehicle. They want to express their stylish, trend-oriented lifestyle with a car from a recognised performance brand. By being available at an attractive price, the A 45 AMG will appeal to prospective new customers and help to open up new markets.

Testing of the new AMG four cylinder petrol engine

The A 45 AMG will celebrate its world premiere in the first quarter of 2013. Further AMG high-performance compact cars with a variety of different characteristic features are already in the pipeline and will follow on the heels of the A 45 AMG. When it came to the development of the compact Mercedes-Benz vehicle architecture for front and all-wheel drive, Mercedes-AMG has been involved from the very beginning. The most dynamic versions of the A-Class, namely the A 250 Sport and the A 220 CDI Sport – both “engineered by AMG” – currently already feature a front axle developed by AMG as well as a correspondingly tuned suspension, AMG 5-spoke light-alloy wheels with 235/40 R 18 tyres all round, painted in high-gloss black and with a high-sheen finish, and also red-painted brake callipers. The “Sport” designation is always used to characterise the most dynamic model series versions in the Mercedes-Benz product range.

Even more future AMG models with all-wheel drive

G 63 AMG

All-wheel drive is set to play a bigger role at Mercedes-AMG in the future too – being offered not just for SUVs and off-road vehicles, but also for other AMG high-performance vehicles. Mercedes-AMG currently has four all-wheel-drive models in its range: the ML 63 AMG, the G 63 AMG, the G 65 AMG and the GL 63 AMG. To mark the start of the new era, in 2013 the new A 45 AMG will be launched with a performance-oriented all-wheel drive system as standard.

Consistent growth strategy: “AMG Performance 50”

AMG Performance Center Beijing

AMG is enjoying strong demand for its vehicles, particularly in its three largest markets where the performance brand has witnessed extremely dynamic growth in the past year. Sales have increased by seven percent in the USA, 15 percent in Germany and almost 50 percent in China.Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG (W 221), 2010

This growth is continuing in 2012. In the first quarter of the year AMG recorded growth of more than 30 percent, making it the best first quarter in the company’s history. As a result AMG is looking to continue its consistent growth beyond 2012 and to make a significant contribution to the sales achieved by Mercedes-Benz Cars. Based on the ambitious future strategy entitled “AMG Performance 50,” in the coming years AMG will be launching further unique high-performance models. According to Ola Källenius: “We have decided to expand our model range from its current level of 22 vehicles to around 30 vehicles in the future. We are looking to increase our global sales, which today stand at around 20,000 vehicles, to more than 30,000 vehicles by the time of our 50th anniversary, and thereby assert our leading position in this exclusive segment.” In addition to the new performance compact car, the SLS AMG GT and the GL 63 AMG, in the future the S-Class segment will play an even greater role at AMG. The current offering comprising the S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG, as well as the CL 63 AMG and CL 65 AMG, will be extended further over the coming years.


To meet the increasing demand, AMG is also expanding its production capacity accordingly. As a result, the new AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine will be produced at the Mercedes-Benz MDC Power engine production plant in Kölleda. This is where four-cylinder engines for the A- and B-Class are normally produced, and a specific assembly line is being set up for the new AMG engine. Of course the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engines will also be produced in line with the traditional AMG philosophy of “one man, one engine.” A characteristic feature of this production principle is the AMG engine badge bearing the signature of the responsible engineer.

Around 350 AMG Performance Centers by the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG GmbHMercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG (C197)

The “AMG Performance 50” growth strategy also includes opening up new dynamic markets. AMG see significant potential for increasing demand in countries such as China, Russia, Korea and Brazil. Playing a central role as part of this strategy are the AMG Performance Centers: some 270 Centers have been opened in 24 countries around the globe since 2008, and there are plans to increase this number to around 350 Performance Centers by 2017. A current example for the regional growth strategy is China: the new AMG Performance Center Beijing Sanlitun opened on 22 April 2012 is situated in an exclusive prime location in the luxury Sanlitun Village North shopping mall, and reflects the pioneering role played by AMG when it comes to design and technology in a modern setting. Unlike previously, the new store in Beijing is not integrated into a Mercedes-Benz dealership as part of a “shop-in-shop” system. Instead, it is based on a so-called standalone concept, and focuses exclusively on the products and features of the AMG performance brand.

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