SL 65 AMG Black Series Coupé (R 230)

Exclusive high-performance coupé for especially discerning customers

A spectacular look, unique performance data, consistently lightweight design and the highest degree of exclusivity – these attributes sum up the new SL 65 AMG Black Series from Mercedes-Benz. The high-performance coupé features pure-bred motor sports technology, and introduces sports car fans to a whole new world in terms of dynamic performance. The AMG 6.0-l V12 biturbo engine, developing a maximum output of 493 kW/670 hp and maximum torque of 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft), guarantees the dynamic performance of a super sports car.

This high-performance two-seater was developed in the AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO by the same experts who were responsible for designing the Official F1™ Safety Car and Official F1™ Medical Car. The SL 65 AMG Black Series is a continuation of the successful Black Series strategy from Mercedes-AMG, the high-performance brand from Mercedes-Benz Cars. As the new AMG top model, the SL 65 AMG Black Series outstrips the other AMG SL models: both the SL 63 AMG with its 386-kW / 525-hpAMG 6.3-l V8 engine and the SL 65 AMG, powered by an AMG 6.0-l V12 biturbo engine, developing 450 kW/612 hp.

Wide, solid and low – that is the new Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series. The dynamic coupé inspires passion even when it is stationary. The distinctive wide mudguards, extendable spoiler and rear apron with diffuser fins are an unmistakable demonstration of the transfer from the motor sports world that has been part of the company philosophy at Mercedes AMG for over 40 years. In its appearance, the SL 65 AMG Black Series is reminiscent of the successful AMG racing cars, such as the DTM C-Class.Large cooling air vents in the front apron and bonnet give a clear indication of the enormous power of the AMG biturbocharged twelve-cylinder engine. From 5,980 cc, the AMG V12 develops a maximum output of 493 kW / 670 hp at 5,400 rpm, and an electronically limited torque of 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft) at between 2,200 and 4,200 rpm. Without limits, the AMG 6.0-l V12 biturbo engine, handmade at the AMG engine plant in accordance with the traditional philosophy “one man – one engine,” would develop a maximum torque of 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft).Compared with the basic power train of the SL 65 AMG, which develops 450 kW / 612 hp, the turbochargers on the twelve-cylinder engine of the SL 65 AMG Black Series have been redesigned. The spiral cross-section of the turbocharger, which is twelve percent larger, together with the optimised wastegate ducts enable a higher airflow rate and even more impressive power development in all speed ranges. The modified intake air duct produces an even more spontaneous vehicle response.Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series (R 230) 2008

Redesigned mufflers in the AMG sports exhaust system reduce exhaust back pressure and help boost performance. And there is an acoustic side effect: a typically evocative AMG harmony is created by the distinctive twelve-cylinder sound that escapes from the two trapezoidal exhaust pipe ends. The low-temperature charge air coolers are about 30 percent more effective, enabling not only a maximum power output under highly dynamic driving conditions, but also the greatest possible stability in high external temperatures. This is also assisted by the optimised water cooling system with a repositioned radiator, high-performance aspirator and large vents in the bonnet.

Attractive power/weight ratio delivers superb performance Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series (R 230) 2008

The extraordinary engine specifications which make the SL 65 AMG Black Series the most powerful AMG model so far enable it to deliver superb performance values. It can reach a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standing start in just 3.8 seconds, and takes 11.0 seconds to reach 200 km/h (124 mph). The top speed is 320 km/h/199 mph (electronically limited).Also responsible for the high dynamic performance is the attractive power/weight ratio of just 2.79 kg/hp (6.15 lb/hp) – a result of the comparably low curb weight of 1870 kg (4123 lbs), which complies with the EU standard. This makes the SL 65 AMG Black Series 250 kg (551 lbs) lighter than the SL 65 AMG – a significant weight reduction derived from specific lightweight design measures. A large number of bodywork components are made from high-strength and especially lightweight carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), a technology which has proved its value in motor sports. The front mudguards, which are 14 cm wider, the front apron with the visible carbon fibre front splitter, the bonnet and the boot lid are all made from CFRP. The “V12 biturbo” lettering on the front mudguards give an indication of the engine’s potency. 

New CFRP roof with integrated roll bar 

The roof cladding, made completely from CFRP, is presented in an all-new design. Not only does it feature an integrated roll bar, but by foregoing the Vario roof typical for SL-Class vehicles, the roofline has been made considerably flatter. This is obvious from the rear window, which is at a flatter angle to the boot lid. The CFRP spoiler incorporated in the boot lid automatically extends by 12 cm (4.72) from a speed of 120 km/h/75 mph, increasing the rear axle power take-off at 200 km/h/124 mph by 50 kg/110 lbs.Viewed from behind, the rear apron with its visible carbon fibre diffuser insert is conspicuous: this incorporates the active cooling system for the rear axle limited slip differential. New, optimum-weight AMG forged wheels with a double spoke design –19” at the front, 20” at the back – sit impressively in the wheel housings. With the black paintwork, the high-sheen surfaces and matt finish lend an opulent look to the side profile.

Power transmission with four drive programmes and double clutch functionMercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series (R 230) 2009In keeping with its outstanding potential and high dynamic performance, the power development and chassis of the SL 65 AMG Black Series are also presented at their best. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via an AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS five-speed automatic gearbox. There are four drive programmes to choose from: “C,” “S” and “M1,” as well as “M2,” which has a 20-percent quicker response time than “M1.” Both manual programmes, “M1” and “M2,” allow the driver to benefit from the extreme tractive power of the V12 biturbo engine, since the gears will not automatically change down, even on full throttle; the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS five-speed automatic gearbox stays reliably in the selected gear, even during kick-down shifts. In addition, a power train which is extremely direct in all driving conditions supports the torque converter bypass coupling from first gear onwards. The automatic double clutch function provides an extra thrill when changing down, as well as reducing the load alteration effects – which has an exceedingly positive effect, especially when braking to corner on the race circuit, and also improves driving safety in wet and icy conditions.In keeping with this vehicle’s tremendous power and torque, the power train features especially high-performance components: not only the various gearbox components, such as the clutch discs and switching and converter bypass logic, but also the drive shafts, wheel carriers and bearings, and also the spring links on the rear axle, are made to an extremely resilient design.

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