Efficiency and superlative performance

Affalterbach – The new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG stands for efficiency and performance, exclusivity and a superlative driving experience. Running on 11.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined, 276 g CO2/km), the high-performance SUV undercuts its predecessor by 4.7 litres, or 28 percent. The basis for low fuel consumption and top-class performance is provided by the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine with a maximum power output of 386 kW (525 hp) and maximum torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft), representing an increase of 11 kW (15 hp) and 70 Nm (52 lb-ft). The optionally available AMG Performance package boosts the V8 engine’s power output to 410 kW (557 hp) and its maximum torque to 760 Nm (561 lb-ft). The newly developed ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM for active roll stabilisation, the AMG-specific design and the broad scope of standard equipment and appointments provide for a highly attractive overall package.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, notes: “Like its predecessors, the new ML 63 AMG sets new standards in terms of performance, exclusivity and a superlative driving experience – plus the efficiency factor, which is acquiring ever greater emphasis at Mercedes-AMG. As the inventor of the high-performance SUV, we remain true to the philosophy which we introduced in 1999 with the ML 55 AMG and continued in 2005 with the ML 63 AMG.”The new ML 63 AMG comes with a fascinating technology package: the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine features spray-guided direct petrol injection with piezo injectors, ECO start/stop system, an all-aluminium crankcase, four valves per cylinder with camshaft adjustment, air-water charge air cooling and generator management, for example. With a displacement of 5461 cc, the eight-cylinder engine generates a maximum power output of 386 kW (525 hp) and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. In conjunction with the AMG Performance package these values rise to 410 kW (557 hp) and 760 Nm (561 lb-ft). This difference in power and torque results from an increase in the maximum charge pressure from 1.0 to 1.3 bar. Both variants of the ML 63 AMG enable sports-car performance: acceleration from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes 4.8 seconds and 4.7 seconds respectively, while the top speed stands at 250 km/h/155 mph (electronically limited). With or without AMG Performance package, the NEDC fuel consumption level of 11.8 l/100 km (19.93 mpg/US, 8.47 km/l) (276 g CO2/km) remains the same. The AMG Performance package further includes an engine cover in high-quality real carbon, callipers in red painted finish and the AMG Performance steering wheel in nappa leather/DINAMICA.

Efficient and variable:  AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONICML 63 AMG

Power transmission to all four permanently driven wheels is performed by the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC system. Featuring three driving programmes and an automatic double-declutching function for downshifting, this seven-speed automatic transmission offers a fascinatingly broad scope of variability. In “Controlled Efficiency” mode (C) the ECO start/stop function is active, shutting down the eight-cylinder engine when the vehicle is stationary. “C” also stands for a gentle accelerator and transmission characteristic with comfortable and early gear changes; start-up generally takes place in second gear here. A green “ECO” symbol in the AMG instrument cluster indicates to the driver that the ECO start/stop function is active.Mercedes-Benz M-Class, ML 63 AMG (W 166) 2012In the Sport (S) and Manual (M) driving programmes the ECO start/stop function is inactive and the engine-transmission combination displays far greater agility. A brief and exactly defined retardation of ignition and injection during upshifting at full load additionally provides for shorter shift times here.

Enhanced efficiency and driving dynamics

As efficiency-enhancing measures, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission incorporates a new fuel economy converter with centrifugal pendulum, bearings designed for reduced friction loss and a transmission-oil thermal management system. Friction loss-minimised axle gears, electronic steering, an optimised belt drive, demand-responsive control of all ancillary units and pumps and an intelligent lightweight design all help to further reduce fuel consumption. The new ML 63 AMG is 40 kilograms (88 lbs) lighter than its predecessor – despite the increase in power and the more comprehensive range of standard equipment.

As on the previous model, Mercedes-AMG deploys a specially designed transfer case for the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive which distributes the engine power at a ratio of 40 : 60 to the front and rear axle in the interests of high driving dynamics. Furthermore, the AMG sports suspension with AIRMATIC package, air suspension, independent damper struts, automatic level control and Adaptive Damping System (ADS) features for the first time in combination with the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM for active roll stabilisation.  This system, which comes as standard, employs active anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles to compensate the body’s roll angles during cornering. In addition to enhanced agility and driving enjoyment, the system also improves driving stability for added safety at higher speeds in particular.

Roll stabilisation, damping and suspension adapt instantaneously to the prevailing driving situation, offering both optimum ride comfort and maximum stability. The driver is able to choose at the push of a button between the three driving modes “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Manual”. The fully load-bearing air suspension system is speed-sensitive, lowering the body when higher speeds apply in order to minimise drag while increasing driving stability.The AMG-specific elastokinematics at the front axle and the more robustly designed rear axle stabiliser bar are responsible for improved steering precision. The enhanced drive train stands for optimum power transmission and hallmark Mercedes reliability. The 4ETS electronic traction control system which features as standard provides for optimised grip when low friction coefficients apply.

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