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MercedesClass.net is a work in progress inspired by the three pointed star brand and its creators, responsible for developing a combination of creativity, innovation and quality, still unmatched after producing the first motor car more than 125 years ago.

MercedesClass.net is dedicated to the worldwide fans of Mercedes-Benz cars, be it classic or new models and also including motorsports.

As the oldest car manufacturer in the world, Mercedes has an unrivaled rich history of motor sports successes, and the reputation for building the world’s best automobile for which the motto “The best or nothing,” describes it very well in just those four words coined by one of its founders, Gottlieb Daimler.

Feel free to browse through the Tradition and History section where you will find some of the milestones that are part of the rich Mercedes-Benz heritage.

The Technology and Innovation section highlights most of the industry-first innovations that Mercedes-Benz has introduced in the last 60 years that are now taken for granted in the automobile industry today.

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