November 1962. Ewy Rosqvist / Ursula Wirth, wins the Grand Prix from Argentina on Mercedes-Benz (type 220 SEb W 111).

1962: triumph for the Mercedes-Benz 220 SE in Argentina

  • Ewy Rosqvist and Ursula Wirth took top honours in the 1962 Touring Car Grand Prix of Argentina
  • New course record was set by the Mercedes-Benz 220 SE (W 111)
  • The race marked the first time that a single vehicle had won all six stages

Stuttgart – On 4 November 1962, after completing 4626 kilometres, Ewy Rosqvist and her co-driver Ursula Wirth emerged victorious in the VI Touring Car Grand Prix of Argentina (“VI Gran Premio Internacional Standard Supermovil YPF”) in their Mercedes-Benz 220 SE (W 111). The entire country excitedly celebrated the outstanding victory of the Mercedes-Benz women’s team in South America’s tough long-distance rally.

Prior to the race the two Swedish women had been derided somewhat, however by the end of the race they had shown the public and the competition what they were made of: Rosqvist and Wirth not only finished the race as overall winners, they literally dominated the gruelling contest from the word go. In 1962, for the first time, a single vehicle won all six stages of the Grand Prix in succession, and in doing so the two Swedish women also set a new record.


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