Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 in the Zandvoort 12-hour race, 1 June 2014

12-hour race of Zandvoort: 1-2-3 for AMG customer teams

  • Car Collection Motorsport finishes first and third
  • Second position for Hofor Racing
  • Four out of five SLS AMG GT3 cross finish line

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 in the Zandvoort 12-hour race, 1 June 2014AMG customer teams scored a 1-2-3 with the SLS AMG GT3 in the 12-hour race of Zandvoort/Netherlands, which took place today. The German team Car Collection Motorsport came before the Swiss team Hofor Racing and before the second SLS AMG GT3 of Car Collection Motorsport. The race gullwing with start number 33, piloted by Peter Schmidt, Christian Bracke, Mirco Schultis (all GER) and Renger van der Zande (NED) crossed the finish line as the overall winner after 330 laps. Start number 2, the SLS AMG GT3 of Hofor Racing with the driver quintet Michael Kroll, Roland Eggimann (both SUI), Kenneth Heyer, Maximilian Buhk (both GER) and Christiaan Frankenhout (NED) finished in the second position with a backlog of seven laps compared to the winner. The excellent final results were completed by the sister car of Car Collection Motorsport with start number 3: Dr. Johannes Kirchhoff, Gustav Edelhoff and Elmar Grimm (all GER) finished the race in the third position with a backlog of eight laps.

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Five gullwings started in the endurance race on the former Formula-1 track in the Dutch dunes. Start number 1, the second vehicle of Hofor Racing, started the race on Friday from the first position on the grid. However, the gullwing fell behind because of technical difficulties and ended the race on the 12th overall position. The race gullwing was piloted by the same drivers as the sister car. The SLS AMG GT3 of GDL Racing with start number 7, piloted by Norbert Pauels (GER), Nigel Farmer (HKG) and Gianluca de Lorenzi (ITA), had to end the race two and a half hours ahead of time because of a collision. The 12-hour race of Zandvoort started on Friday, 30 May 2014 at 4:00 pm. The break was held at 7:00 pm, corresponding to the schedule. The re-start took place this morning at 10 o’clock and the race came to an end at 7:00 pm.Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 in the Zandvoort 12-hour race, 1 June 2014

Peter Schmidt, team manager and driver Car Collection Motorsport: “A success and two cars on the podium is definitely more than we had expected! Today’s success makes us feel very proud. And even more, because it is our first overall win ever in a race with the SLS AMG GT3. I want to thank everybody in the team for the great performance and AMG Customer Sports for the great support!“

Jochen Bitzer, head of AMG Customer Sports: „A 1-2-3 for the SLS AMG GT3 is a superb result! My congratulations to Car Collection Motorsport and Hofor Racing for the positions 1-2-3. I want to thank all AMG customer teams, which started in the 12-hour race of Zandvoort with the SLS AMG GT3. We are also pleased about the great results in both of the DMV TCC races, which took place this weekend as part of the 12-hour race. Congratulations to ANTeam for the two overall victories.“

Two successes for ANTeam in the support race of the DMV TCC

In addition, two races of the DMV TCC took place as part of the 12-hour race: Frederic Yerly (SUI) with the SLS AMG GT3 of the ANTeam won both races. Three gullwings faced the competition, piloted by the two-times winner Frederic Yerly as well as Bruno Stucky (SUI, ANTeam) and Josef Klüber (GER, Schütz Motorsport). Klüber finished sixth and eighth, while Stucky ended both races on position seven.

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